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Applications are intimidating, especially if they contain jargon you don’t quite understand. This is typical of the mortgage loan application process, but that’s why we’re here to help you. We assist from the very beginning of origination through the closing of the loan. We’ll let you know exactly what documentation or information you need to provide as well as what you’ll be getting from the loan. At Premier Lending Alliance, we provide answers rather than leaving you with questions.

Step 1: Application Process

We’ll help you gather the information you need to apply and walk you through the application to ensure all information is accurate.

Step 2: Background Reports

In order to give you an accurate estimate for your loan, we will need to assess your credit history. With this information, we can better structure your loan.

Step 3: Loan Estimate is Created & Received

At this point, we can provide you with the loan estimate, generated based off of your loan preferences, background and credit history, and budget. You will receive a copy of this estimate for your records.

Step 4: Underwriting

Your loan file, including all of the required information, is then submitted for underwriting. The underwriter ensures all loan requirements and compliance are met within your file and application. Additional information may be needed from you before the loan is approved.

Sometimes, a loan will be  approved with conditions, meaning the individual needs to provide additional information at the time of closing before the mortgage loan is finalized. Our processing team will work with you to satisfy the conditions and get you ready for closing.

Step 5: Property Appraisal & Tile

At the same time your file is being reviewed by underwriting, your property’s appraisal and title are ordered. Once these items are received, they will be submitted into underwriting for review.

Step 6: Closing

Once your loan is approved, your loan file will go to our closing department, where we will review all records and documents to make sure nothing is missing. If we have everything we need, we will issue a closing disclosure and proceed to set a closing date.

To get started on the application process, check out our online application. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.